A brave dog risked his life to defeat a puma and save two young girls

Extraordinary story: A brave dog risked his life to defeat a puma and save two young girls.3Minh

In the tranquil setting of La Cocha, Ulises, the grandson of the inventor Dr. Nores Martines, found himself on a mission that would test the limits of bravery. He had brought his 10-year-old daughter, Sofia, along for the journey, intending to return the same day. The day began as ordinary as any other.

Upon their arrival at the estancia, Ulises and the workers, led by the foreman Tomás, dove into their tasks. Sofia and Yoli, Tomás’s daughter, sought permission to venture towards a majestic fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house. Their goal: to pluck and savor the delicious figs it bore.

With the knowledge that the sweetest figs lay at the tree’s pinnacle, Yoli, filled with determination, ascended to the highest branches she could reach. Little did she know that she was not alone in her pursuit. Others had climbed the tree before her.

As Yoli found herself seven feet above the ground, she began to hear ominous sounds—branches cracking, leaves rustling. Unbeknownst to her, the very tree she had ascended was also the dwelling of a puma, a fierce mountain lion, ready to strike.

Suddenly, a massive puma pounced from the upper branches, catching Yoli off guard. She tumbled from the tree, falling two meters to the earth below.

Just in the nick of time, Morocho, one of Ulises’ trusted dogs, was playfully following the girls, wagging his tail as he often did around the estancia. When he confronted the puma, the Dogo Argentino made a valiant and selfless decision: he would risk his life to save the two young girls.

Sofia’s father, hearing the terrified cries of the girls, rushed to their aid. Tomas Bracamonte, the foreman, recalled, “I thought it was a snake. I arrived swiftly, moving as fast as I could to reach them.”

When he reached the scene, he found Morocho, alive but severely injured, having faced off with the puma. The formidable feline had been forced to retreat.

Thanks to Morocho’s heroic actions, those two little girls continue to thrive today. Morocho’s bravery left millions of people around the world awestruck and inspired.

May our furry angels like Morocho watch over us, and may we forever hold them in our hearts. Share this incredible story with your friends, for it is a testament to the unwavering courage and selflessness that dogs like Morocho bring into our lives.




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