A Canine’s Tale of Beating Scabies and Starvation and Finding Hope



Observing the state of Trappido was definitely distressing. He appeared as a feeble individual, resembling a skeleton, and incapable of standing for an extended period of time. His body displayed signs of dehydration, malnutrition, and numerous ailments such as fleas, scabies, blisters, and sores. The poor creature’s stomach was almost shut, and he was severely infected, causing his eyes to seal shut, continuously discharging pus.

Maria Hermita, a dedicated vet, took on the responsibility of caring for Trappido and began his challenging journey to recovery. With medication and intensive treatment, Trappido’s life was hanging on a thread, and progress was slow. We had to be patient and wait for any signs of improvement during this fragile and uncertain time.

Trappido, despite being small and facing several obstacles, stayed strong and determined. Even though he had persistent diarrhea at the beginning, he never stopped eating and didn’t vomit. We were amazed to see how he didn’t give up even when his condition seemed uncertain. Trappido’s one eyelid showed more improvement than the other, but we held on to hope, knowing that he had the spirit to overcome his challenges.

After spending a week in his new abode, there were some signs of improvement which instilled a sense of optimism in him. He managed to put on some weight which was a clear indication of his determination to overcome the adversities. Nevertheless, he faced a setback when he experienced hair loss, which was a result of internal parasites that he had fought earlier. Despite this hurdle, he continued to receive proper medical aid and care, which helped him to keep moving forward.

After a few weeks, Trappido’s adventure started to show some improvement. Previously, he had suffered from infected eyes, but now they were on the mend and just needed a little more care. The momentous occasion of receiving his initial vaccination was a cause for celebration, and we felt grateful and happy to see our brave dwarf fighter making such progress.

On the 35th day, something incredible happened: Trappido’s unwavering determination and strength touched the hearts of many. His story was more than just a topic for discussion, it was a source of inspiration that brought forth feelings of joy and optimism. The way this little warrior persevered, always striving to move forward and embrace life, was a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.After seven long months, we received the news we had been waiting for: Trappido had finally found his forever family. This was the family who would give him the love and care he deserved. Although our mission was complete, it was not an end, but rather a new beginning for Trappido.

As he settles into his new abode, he plans to keep penning his happy experiences while keeping in mind the path he took. Trappido was more than just an honor to have as a companion; he was a source of happiness and strength, which teaches us about the ability of empathy and determination to change lives.

Trappido’s experience is a source of motivation, demonstrating that in spite of insurmountable difficulties, perseverance and love can lead to a better tomorrow. As we say goodbye to this courageous individual, our hearts are filled with appreciation for the honor of accompanying him on his path.

My dearest Trappido, I hope your new abode overflows with unlimited joy and that you hold dear the love and delight you’ve discovered.


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