A courageous officer goes barefoot to rescue a trapped dog from the Tunnel.


In a truly heartwarming story of compassion and bravery, a small puppy found herself trapped in a perilous situation, lost in the depths of a dark tunnel after a sudden fright caused her to seek refuge. With her fate hanging by a thread, a guardian angel in the form of a dedicated police officer came to her aid.

Officer Joe Brazil, a stalwart figure in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, known for his unwavering commitment to serving the community, wasted no time when he received word of the distressed pup’s predicament.

This heart-touching narrative, originally recounted by Peggy Edwards on May 2, 2016, captured the hearts of countless individuals due to its moving nature.

The ordeal unfolded when a passing car startled a sweet Yorkshire Terrier puppy, sending her racing in fear towards a nearby tunnel.

Peggy Edwards, who witnessed the dramatic event, shared on Facebook, “On April 30th, a little dog was running freely when a passing car frightened her. She darted into a tunnel running alongside a local creek, finding herself about 20-25 feet inside, clinging to the tunnel’s edge.”

Despite her instinctive desire to help, Peggy hesitated, concerned that her actions might inadvertently drive the frightened puppy deeper into the tunnel.

Recognizing the dire urgency of the situation, Peggy immediately contacted the Woonsocket Police Department, and assistance was dispatched without delay.

Soon after, Officer Joe Brazil arrived, fully prepared to extend a helping hand.

Peggy recounted the valiant officer’s actions, noting, “Without a moment’s hesitation, he ventured into the tunnel and emerged with a drenched, trembling little dog.”

Before embarking on the rescue mission inside the tunnel, Officer Brazil went the extra mile by removing his shoes and socks, underscoring his unwavering dedication to saving the vulnerable canine.

As reported by WJAR NBC10, “As he approached, Cece, trembling, clung to the side.” It was a tense moment as the officer first approached the terrified pup.

Exercising utmost care not to exacerbate the dog’s fear, Officer Brazil approached the situation with remarkable patience and compassion.

In an extraordinary display of empathy, once he got close enough to the trembling dog, he allowed Cece to follow his reassuring fingers a bit further into the tunnel, eventually guiding her to safety.

Officer Brazil shared his thoughts, saying, “She seemed to sense that I was there to help. It almost felt like she was saying thank you.”

In a touching photograph captured during the rescue, Cece, the adorable dog, conveyed immense gratitude for the gallant officer who had come to her rescue.

In a subsequent interview with WJAR NBC10, it was revealed that the dog’s name was Cece and that she was not a stray but belonged to a loving family.

Michelle Perez, Cece’s owner, breathed a sigh of relief upon the reunion. According to her account, her mother-in-law had gifted her the lovable puppy, but the adventurous pup had managed to escape the following day.

Cece, a mere five months old, was joyously reunited with her owner, all thanks to the combined efforts of Peggy Edwards and the compassionate Officer Joe Brazil. A heartwarming conclusion to a harrowing ordeal, we are all elated that Cece was rescued and returned to her adoring human family!**

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