“British Zoo Proudly Presents Rare Trio of Uniquely Colored Lion Cubs”

We’re all-white mum! Trio of rare lion cubs unveiled in British zoo

The world can be a daunting place when you’re growing up – even if you’re a lion.

So this rather sheepish character hid in her mother’s comforting shadow yesterday before plucking up the courage to come out and play.

The white lion cub is one of three born 12 weeks ago at West Midland Safari Park near Bewdley in Worcestershire.

Pride and joy: Three adorable rare white lion cubs born at a British zoo have gone on show at a safari park under the ever-watchful eye of their mother

Scaredy cat: One of the cubs with her mother

As if giving birth to triplets isn’t hard enough – new mother Natasha now has a lifetime of raising the ‘mischievous yet enchanting’ girls.

To make things even more challenging, the gorgeous girls with ‘snow white fur’ – among only about 130 white lions left in the world – all have been given names beginning with the letter P.

They have been named Portia, Phoebe and Pandora by their keepers – who have kept a watchful eye on the cubs since their arrival at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, near Birmingham, 12 weeks ago .

Weighing around 33lb (15kg) each, they are the latest additions to Britain’s largest pride of white lions.

Angela Potter, assistant director of wildlife at the park, said: ‘Now they’ve come outside they’re really starting to develop their character.

‘They’re very playful with the other members of the pride – they’re just starting to mix with them.’

But it seems so far that the girls are behaving more like a pack of boys, taking no time to roll around the dirt.

But, Bob Lawrence, director of wildlife at West Midlands Safari Park, said the cubs were becoming more ‘girlie’ every day. He said they have ‘perfectly formed features, snow white fur and an enchanting, mischievous gaze.’

He added: ‘The three cubs all weigh a healthy 14kg each, and have been fine while playing out with their mum, as well as finding their feet in front of people for the first time in the main reserve.

‘The three girls are very playful and stick together with their mum. They are all as soft as they come, whereas male lion cubs tend to be a bit more bullish and adventurous.’

Mr Lawrence said the lions brought interest ‘from all over the world’.

Let’s cub together: Pandora, Portia and Phoebe

Walking all over their mother: Perfect white lion cubs, Portia, Phoebe and Pandora make a stand

He added: ‘People are desperate to see them and they are a fantastic sight when they are all together. We have been known for years for our white tigers at the park, and our pride of white lions is the only one in the country.

The delivery of the new pride comes five years after the first four rare ‘Kimba the white lion’ lookalikes were introduced in 2004. The park now boasts the UK’s largest pride of breeding white lions.

Most of the remaining white lions are thought to live within a 200 square mile area in Lowveld, South Africa.

Mother and daughter: Natasha and one of her three young girls


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