“Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Unique Rock Garden Designs and Plant Selections”


Keep rocks in scale with the yard. In this small space, rocks are stacked to create a sculptural water feature, while a single boulder placed strategically on the other side of the path helps balance the composition. Designers: Barbara Hilty and Adriana Berry. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

See more of this garden, including before/after photos and plants used. Photo by: Proven Winners.

Designer Burl Mostul, Villa Catalana. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

Pick a style that matches your home and landscape. This Asian-style rock garden evokes a sense of calm and order. Designer: Helena Wagner, 4 Seasons Gardens. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

Creeping groundcovers such as woolly thyme can be used to soften hard rock surfaces. Gardener: Karen Olberding. Photo: Janet Loughrey.

Large scale rock garden or hillside terrace. Designer: Burl Mostul, Villa Catalana. Photo: Janet Loughrey.


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