Experience inside the terrifying swamp homes of the world’s LARGEST crocodiles including the 18ft Brutus and the 20ft Dominator

AUSTRALIA is infamous for its array of deadly creatures – but one swamp really takes the bait.

The Adelaide River, near Darwin in the Northern Territory, is home to some of the world’s biggest crocodiles with one measuring 20ft-long.

Dominator, measuring 20ft, leaps out of the water to grab a snackCredit: Caters News Agency

A huge croc in Darwin rips a pig apartCredit: mediadrumworld.com/Adam Britton

Brutus lives in Australia’s Adelaide River

These beasts are known to rip their prey in HALF with their powerful jaws – and have even attacked humans on tour boats.

Some of the flesh-eating crocs will even JUMP out of the water when guides dangle snacks on long poles from tourists vessels.

The area’s alpha male is known as Dominator, measuring 20ft, who reportedly had an epic tussle with a rival named Brutus who is 18ft-long.

Last month, wildlife operator Sam Dearly, 60, nearly lost his hand when he was attacked by one of the huge reptiles.

Sam was with 18 tourists when he reached into the water to retrieve one of the feeding poles he had dropped in the water.

The experienced guide admits that was a big mistake.

He told 9News: “I’ve lifted a crocodile up and I’ve gone ‘my God what have I got here?’

“And I’m thinking ‘what are we going to do about this? It’s hanging off my arm.’”

He added: “Its my own fault. I just did something that was probably complacency.”

Luckily for Sam, the croc released its grip and attempted to bite him again which gave him the chance to pull his arm away.

He underwent surgery to repair a severed tendon in his hand.

Meanwhile, one of the river’s most colourful characters is Dominator – a hulking beast weighing more than one-ton.

In 2018, the predator became a viral sensation when a picture showed him leaping out of the river just inches from a tour boat.

The spectacular moment was captured by Queensland construction worker Rhys Crowley, 25, who was among the spectators.

Rhys said: “We had only been out for about ten minutes before this happened.

“You could see how close he was to the boat next to us and how shocked all the people on board were, the screams were so loud.

“It looked like he could easily jump it on the boat.

Tour guide Sam nearly lost a hand while hosting a tour in the Adelaide River

The area is home to some of the world’s biggest crocodilesCredit: Rex Features

“It was a real eye-opener, it definitely makes you appreciate this animal a lot more seeing it in person like this. They are just so big and powerful.”

Saltwater croc populations are on the rise in Australia and the Adelaide River is one of the most densely-populated areas in the country.

Last year, pictures showing a giant crocodile ripping a pig in HALF before devouring it made headlines around the world.

The adult male saltwater crocodile named Smaug – weighing half a metric ton – can be seen flipping the feral pig over its head several times.

Zoologist Adam Britton said the pig was already dead, but the predator was waiting for it to “drown”.

UK-born Adam, 49, took the shots of the 60-year-old pet reptile in his back garden in Darwin.

The force generated by the crocodile as it flicks the pig about can be enough to tear off a limb, according to the croc expert.

Named after the Lord of the Rings character, Smaug landed a movie role in the action movie Black Water: Abyss.

The beasts have powerful jaws which they use to rip prey animals in halfCredit: mediadrumworld.com/Adam Britton


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