Exquisite Shipping Container Homes That Redefine Beauty

We continue to discover new homes suitable for your alternative lifestyle for you. Today we will introduce you to the most beautiful container houses in the world, suitable for the alternative life of your dreams.

Building a house is a tough job no matter what. Shipping container homes are always becoming popular as they are sustainable, low cost and durable. How to design a shipping container house is very important to your quality of life.

When designing shipping container houses, you need to consider many parameters. Proper planning is very important for you and your family to have a peaceful life. At the same time, you need to have creative ideas or get support in this regard while designing the house. You should always take care to design in accordance with your and your family’s lifestyle.

When planning a container house, you need to consider the number of containers. If you are going to build a one-container house, it will be simpler to build. If you are going to build a multi-container house, there will be many parameters to work on. You need to buy the right number of containers for your budget and lifestyle.

You need to find the area where you will use the house and start the construction process. This area, which will make you feel peaceful, is very important. The top of the container can be used for the deck and terrace of the house. Instead of stacking the containers on top of each other, you may be surprised. In this way, you can get much more space outside the walls of the container.


The Clovelly Shipping container house is designed to fit everything you might need into a small but functional space. This 320 sg.ft home has a living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, kitchen and dining area.

Barn 36 Shipping Container Home

This 36 square meter house was built using a shipping container. This shipping container house with terrace looks great with kitchen, large living room, bathroom, bedroom.

Gorgeous Design Tiny Container House

Gorgeous Container House Plan


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