“Lynn: A 6-Year-Old Girl’s Unconditional Love for Her Dog Until Her Last Breath.”

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, as is this little girl, who at the age of six had to say goodbye to her faithful friend.

Here, you can see Lynn beside him, lying on his blanket next to Jaden, accompanying him in his final moments.

When Lynn’s mother became pregnant with her, she was so worried that her pet at the time, the dog Jaden, would reject her or react badly to her, that he might be jealous of the new member’s arrival. most in the family.

But to his surprise it was completely the opposite, he and little Lynn formed a very close relationship.

Jaden was adorable and totally nice to her, letting her do whatever she wanted: mount him, accessorize him, whatever.

Little by little they were creating a very strong bond of friendship, and also with it a large number of memories.

They were always together, even when Lynn went skating or riding her bike, Jaden was there with her.

And if they were at home, Lynn would spend hours and hours with him, trying to match their outfits or drawing pictures of the two of them together.

“I wanted to document Jaden and Lynn together because Jaden was so old and he didn’t know how much longer he was going to live,” says Jeffrey, Lynn’s father.

That was how they began to take more and more photos of all their memories together, moments that will always remain in Lynn’s memory.

Already 13 years old, Jaden was totally deaf and almost completely blind , barely able to walk.

After a visit to the vet, Jeffrey was left with no choice and Jaden had to be put to sleep forever.

Jaden passed away at home with his loved ones , and especially with Lynn, who just the next day turned 6 years old.

“We were all very sad to see him go and miss him terribly. But that’s life and sadly we lose people we love. It was important for Lynn to understand that and for her to have a chance to say goodbye,” Jeffrey said.

“Lynn was sad at first, but now there are no more tears and she talks about him with happy memories, and we hope that’s how she will always remember him.”

And this is how we should all remember those who have passed. If this news touches your heart, please share it with your friends. Fly high Jaden!


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