“Old Rescue Dog Checks off Bucket List, Proves Age is Just a Number”

Morgap, an elite dachshund dog who is 18 years old, found his way to Lee County Domestic Apimal Services (LCDAS) in Fort Myers, Florida, after his owner passed away. When shelter officials learned of Morgap’s age, they knew it was urgent to find him a place where he could spend the remainder of his days in peace. The shelter contacted Senior Paws Sactuary (SPS) with hopes that they could assist the elderly canine.

According to Kate Reidy, the foster mom of Morga, LCDAS asked SPS to let them know about an adoptable elderly dog and requested their assistance. The SPS organizer was moved to tears upon seeing Morga and fell in love with her.

All dogs with SPS are moved to foster homes, and Morga cried to live with Reidy and his 10-year-old dog, Charlie. Reidy thought that since Morga was already 18 years old, he would be a slower and sleepier type of dog, but it turned out that wasn’t the case at all.

Reidy exclaimed, “I swear Morga has Benjamin Button’s disease!” He’s become livelier, more energetic, and his personality has bloomed over the past year with his new family. “Most people don’t believe he’s his age!”

Morga flourished in his adoptive family’s care, loving every aspect of his new life. His new mother even gave him his own steps to climb onto the couch and bed, and he enjoys exploring his new home.

“Reidy mentioned that he loves attention. He enjoys being as close to you as possible and sometimes comes up to smell your face just to make sure he knows who he’s sitting with! It’s really cute.”

It’s impossible to know for sure what Morga’s first 18 years of life were like or what experiences they had. However, thanks to their foster home environment, Morga became more enthusiastic about exploring the world. To encourage this curiosity, their foster mother made a list of things for them to do. So far, Morga has managed to fly from one planet…

Meet a sergeant and become a senior assistant…Attended a baseball game…Get acquainted with Santa…

Sitting on a motorcycle and even participating in beach yoga are just a few things that Morga, a soon-to-be high school graduate, has already accomplished. Despite his age, Morga has been able to cross off many items on his bucket list, and he truly enjoys every adventure his mother takes him on.

According to Reidy, Morga’s adoptive mother, he loves exploring new places and scents, which is why all of their excursions have been a way for him to discover new smells and meet new people. He also relishes the attention and affection he receives from strangers.

But Morga still has several tasks on his bucket list that he would love to complete, such as riding in a hot air balloon, having a dog spa day, and meeting Ellen DeGeneres. With his 19th birthday fast approaching, Morga’s biggest birthday wish is to receive birthday cards from all over the world. (His adoptive mother also hopes that some of these cards will have a dollar that he can contribute to his friends at SPS).

At 18 years old, most dogs would probably just want to spend the rest of their days being pampered, but Morga still has a lot of life left in him, and he and his mom won’t stop until their last day. If you want to send Morga a birthday card, you can mail it to 1413 Caywood Circle South, Lehigh, FL, 33936. Remember to make it an extra special one for this amazing dog.


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