Overwhelming Ambition: The Reticulated Python’s Humbling Defeat Against a Formidable Fo

Pythons are large reptiles of the snake family they are the largest reptiles in the world that have survived from prehistoric times to the present day, pythons spend most of their time swimming along rivers in search of food.

South American pythons often hide in the water and hunt by wrapping their bodies tightly around their prey, squeezing so tightly that the victim dies of suffocation, internal organs are cut or bleed. After the prey dies, the giant python will swallow the entire victim into its stomach.

Because the python has no teeth, it will swallow its prey after being strangled, sometimes encountering large horned prey that makes swallowing food quite difficult and dangerous.

The following video shows a male python trying to swallow a twisted horned antelope, because the prey has a rather long pair of horns, so the male python is struggling to try all kinds of positions to swallow the head. of antelope.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, when suddenly the sharp horn of the prey pierced the python’s neck, causing it to be extremely painful. The python hurriedly tried to find a way to pull the prey out, but due to the curved horn, it struggled forever but still could not get out.

And only when the tear on the python’s neck got bigger, it tried to pull the prey out and the python was resurrected from the dead, because it was so tired that the python no longer had the mind to eat it, so it abandoned the prey. and was slow. very tiring walk.


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