“Paralyzed Pup’s Brave Journey: Crawling from Abandoned Home to Rescuer’s Embrace”


Scooch struggled to make his way from the dark prison towards the light, all while missing his hind legs.

Scootch was found by animal rescuers beneath his abandoned house at the end of a gravel road surrounded by other deserted homes.

Despite the darkness, they could see the Pitbull’s forehead with its headlights. As Dopa approached him, he hunched over and let out a low growl. After she threw him a towel, he suddenly stopped sparking. Scooch pushed himself up with his front paws when he saw the food.

That’s when Dopa noticed that Scooch wasn’t moving his hind legs – he was paralyzed.

“He was so hungry that he came running to every piece of food I threw at him,” Donna posted on the Stray Rescue of St. Louis website. “We were worried about how long this poor dog had been alone and terrified here.” After some discussion, we decided that getting him out with food was the safest and least stressful option.”

Scooch crawled forward slowly, despite his weak body being able to withstand the food. According to Doña, as soon as he approached the entrance of the doghouse, he stopped as if pondering what could happen to him. “He looked at us directly and decided to give it a try.”Doña quickly realized how terrible Scooch was as soon as he emerged. He was extremely nervous, with sores on his hind legs from dragging himself on the ground.

With a blanket, they carefully lifted him into the car, and the dog looked at them with a grateful expression. He seemed pleased to be inside a vehicle that had air conditioning.

“Dopa explained that his grateful eyes revealed that he realized our only intention was to help him,” conveying the emotions felt during Scooch’s rescue. Although witnessing Scooch’s rescue was a sad experience, his bravery and dedication were inspiring. We remain hopeful that this remarkable dog will recover and know that his rescuers are doing everything possible to provide him with a good life. Despite occasionally showing frivolity, this man exhibits tremendous courage. Ultimately, at this moment, we can appreciate and embrace his desire for frivolity as something beautiful and genuine.”


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