Puppy looking for home sits in shelter smiling at everyone walking by…



Look at that precious smile, he is beautiful. Who could resist that baby he looks so lovable.

Burreaux, an adorable black labrador puppy who tried his best to smile at everyone who walked past the kennel in the hopes of getting adopted.

Courtney Wingate, who is the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, spotted the trio of pups and knew she couldn’t leave them be.hind, but it was Burreaux’s charming smile that caught her eye.So Courtney called volunteer Sarrah Walton who came and rescued the puppies before naming them after 3 Louisiana State University Football players.

The trio were taken straight to the [ve.t] for routine ch.eckups, and all seemed positive. Yet when they got back to the rescue center, Burreaux [fe.ll i.l.l]. After, They immediately took him back to the animal hos.pital who tre.ated him and helped him to make a full recovery.

Once they pups were ready for adoption, the rescue decided that sharing their special talents on social media would be the best way to find them a forever home.Joe was a natural playing fetch, he was quickly adopted after sharing a video of his skills.

For Berreuax, staff at the shelter decided to share a video of him flashing his huge adorable smile to show off his sweet nature.Burreaux wants a home so b.a.d that he’s always smiling, trying to cute it up.

Thank you to whoever adopted Burreatux the smiling dog and giving him a loving and caring fur ever home.

You are adorable, little one. Love your smile.

Sending love and prayers that your adorable smile gets you a loving forever home very quickly. Hope she gets a wonderful home with lots & lots of Love!!!Bless his heart! Bless you all in your lives together.

Watch the lovely moment here:

One black Labrador’s journey to overcoming adversity and enjoying playtime with other dogs_dogs

A black Labrador, born with a cleft lip and palate, has overcome adversity to enjoy playtime like any other dog. Despite the challenges he faced, this resilient pup never let his condition hold him back. With the help of his loving owner, he underwent surgery to correct his cleft lip and palate. After a successful recovery, he now plays with other dogs and enjoys every moment of it. This heartwarming story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that with determination and support, we can overcome any obstacle.

It took some effort to get this hairy fellow out.

“At the time, he had aspiration pneumonia and was not going to live another 24 hours,” Jamie adds. I took him home and fed him through a tube for the next seven weeks. I also assisted him in dealing with his pneumonia. He is 14 months old and a black lab dog!

The cause of cleft lip and palate is uncertain. According to Jamie, this aberration can occur in humans and animals as a result of a poor diet or prenatal exposure to specific items.

Felix is a fighter who refuses to let his medical challenges prevent him from enjoying himself and having a good time. This Labrador also has digestion problems since his intestines originated on the opposite side of his body; he only has one functional eyeball, and his jaws are misaligned. His face has a particular expression.

“He can only eat canned food since none of his teeth match,” Jamie added. I feed him hard food now and then to make him feel like he’s a part of the gang, but he doesn’t like it. He, on the other hand, keeps him busy ».

Felix had cleft lip and palate surgery in January of this year. According to his owner, the dog has a unilateral cleft palate that affects both the hard and soft palates. The veterinarian did a wonderful job, and he was able to reconstruct his palate problems using his own tissue.

Prior to his procedure, Felix was unable to eat or drink on a regular basis. His father washed the food from his cleft every time he fed him.

“Since his procedure, he has acquired a neurological tic that causes him to spin around and occasionally bark at the air, most likely due to the dislocation of his head,” Jamie explained. We’re testing some new medications to see whether they can help him.”


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