Rescuing Dabok and 7 Puppies From a Poor Shelter Under a Construction Site

In a heartwarming rescue story, a mother dog named Dabok and her seven puppies were discovered living under a construction site in poor and dangerous conditions. The discovery was made when workers called for help after finding the family in a state of desperation without food and water.

Initially, the family was mistrustful of the rescuers, but with patience and love, they eventually learned to trust and even love their rescuer. After being given a bath and receiving a health check, it was discovered that four of the puppies had diarrhea and vomiting and all of them had high fevers from being soaked in the rain. However, after many days of care and treatment, the family’s health improved significantly.

The rescuer gave each puppy a necklace of different colors with their names written on it to distinguish them from each other. They were rewarded with hot soup on cold winter days, surrounded by love and care. The rescuer spent all their free time with the family, watching them grow bigger and stronger every day.

As the time approached for the puppies to find new homes, the rescuer felt sadness but also hope that they would find loving and caring owners. Before going to their new homes, all the puppies were fully vaccinated and dewormed.

The story of Dabok and her puppies is a testament to the power of love and patience in rescuing animals in need. Although they started their lives in difficult circumstances, they were able to overcome their challenges and thrive with the help of a caring and dedicated rescuer.

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