Slumbering Majesty: Immortalizing the Tranquil Grandeur of a Lion Pride in a Captivating Viral Image, Showcasing Nature’s Resplendence.

Lions napping up a tree in Central Serengeti, TanzaniaAt least 15 of the beasts were caught on camera lounging on the branches of a sturdy tree in Central Serengeti, Tanzani



But while it might look as though they were using the vantage point to seek out prey, photographer Bobby-Jo Clow,from Dubbo, Australia, revealed the laid back pride were actually trying to escape flies living in the long grass.


The lions were caught on camera lounging on the branches of a sturdy treeBobby-Jo, 32, said: “I was leading a photographic safari in the Serengeti and on our first official day in the park we came across this incredible sighting.

“Our guide spotted the pride in the trees, and luckily we were able to get close enough to the lions to create some really unique images.


“We were close enough that we could hear their vocal interaction and also hear some of them snoring in the tree.




The lions can be seen enjoying some relaxing time in the safety of a high tree“At one point I counted 15 lions in the tree – it was an incredible sight.

“It was also very comical at times as the lions appeared rather clumsy whilst moving and repositioning themselves in the tree. One lioness had an incredibly rotund belly and she was letting it all hang out whilst perched on the tree.


The laid back pride were trying to escape flies living in the long grass“Our guide informed us that due to the recent rains the grass was quite long in the Serengeti and that lions climb the trees to escape the insects that thrive in the long grass. When your guide gets his camera out and starts taking photos you know you have something special in front of you.”


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