The amazing intelligence of leopards, hanging antelopes on trees to protect the finished product from lurking predators

The incredible pictures were taken by German photographer Ingo Gerlach, in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Lame impala: Leopards look longingly at their prey as it hangs from the tree These leopards made sure no other animals were able to pinch their dinner – by hanging it from a branch at the top of a tree.

After securing the kill and sampling the fresh meat, the female and her cub decided to save the rest for later.

The incredible pictures were captured by German photographer Ingo Gerlach, in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Earlier, the leopard and her cub had struck in the darkness, attacking the animal with no warning, fast and efficiently.

The mum and her one-year-old cub then started greedily ripping at the antelope while it was still warm.

Hanging around: The part-eaten impala is seen dangling from a branch as the leopards stand guard Once they were full, the big cats carried the impala up the 10-metre-high fever tree.

It proved a challenge because it required extreme strength on the leopards’ part, but it proved the perfect way to save their catch for dinner.

Good thinking: The leopards were eager to keep their prey away from lions and hyenas

Scavenging hyenas and lions were unable to reach the impala.

Ingo said: “I waited around six hours to capture this scene. I finally got the opportunity to see the leopards in the late afternoon.

Killer move: The big cats used all their strength to get the impala up the tree

“The light was absolutely sensational. This situation was one-of-a-kind. I’ve never experienced anything like it.


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