The fight between the lion and the hyena culminated in the fierce two sides rushing into each other

Terrified… Mother Lion Risked Her Life Defeating Fifty Wild Dogs, and the losers paid a heavy price.

Animals must fight tooth and nail to survive in the wild, especially predatory species that have numerous foes and rivals.

These guys just need a “stumble” to be ready to punish and turn their opponent into a “meal” in the blink of an eye.

As high-ranking predators, it is difficult for lions and wild dogs to coexist peacefully in the same habitat. Sister Ellen Clark, a psychologist, on a trip to the Duba expedition camp in Botswana with her family was fortunate to witness one of the “clashes” between these two powerful animals.

That day, our family was on a drive to explore the mysterious land of Africa when we encountered a group of animals with the most successful hunting rate here – wild dogs.

Although I have known their identities for a long time, when I saw them directly in real life, I could fully feel the somewhat magical beauty of this animal.

They possess a very fashionable coat with black, brown, yellow and white spots; In particular, each dog has different spots, no one is the same with one big round ears. Like human fingerprints, the coat color between individual African wild dogs is never the same, helping to identify members of the pack.

Watching African wild dogs hunt, you will know why they are hailed as Africa’s “best hunters”. The herd of wild dogs has a total of 11 dogs, in which each group has a clear division of duties. As noted by Ms. Clark, 3 of the best-looking dogs in the pack are busy handling the carcass of a warhog, while the rest of the group are divided into guarding. All actions of the stray dogs are carefully watched by the group of tourists.

Suddenly, a lioness appeared out of nowhere, rushed at the speed of light and grabbed a wild dog. In front of the lion’s absolute power, the wild dog didn’t have any chance to protest. Witnessing the scene so fast and dangerous, Clark kept thinking in his mind that the wild dog could hardly escape this ordeal.

At this time, the mischievousness of wild dogs has just begun to be promoted. The captured dog wags its tail to signal to the pack that it is still alive. Having received valuable information, the remaining stray dogs conduct a special rescue operation. They surround the lion and perform the “loi choi” dance, both pretending to be close and dancing. It seems that the sequence of operations aimed at distracting the lion worked. Thinking the dog he had just caught was dead, the lion released it to deal with the harassers. Just waiting for that, the unlucky dog at first had three legs and four legs to escape in the surprise and regret of the lion.

Then there was an interesting chase that lasted for a while and then quickly ended when the lion got bored and had to leave, even though he really wanted to take advantage of the wild dog.


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