The heartwarming sight of a dog diligently cleaning their home every day, out of a sense of loyalty and love for their family, leaves everyone in awe and admiration.

According to the British newspaper “Sun” on April 28, a woman in Missouri, USA, trains her pet dogs to do housework, especially on the day of “Pet Owner’s Independence Day” that makes the dogs have to overtime at work.

Immediately after being posted, these photos caused a “fever” on the internet and made many netizens laugh.

The owner of the dog is “exploited”, treating them like coolies named Linda Kush, 63 years old this year. She has always lived in the US and has 3 beautiful dogs with her.

Linda’s previous occupation was as a dog trainer. The dogs in her family are inherently easy to tame, with Linda’s expertise, not to mention housework training, even cooking can be done.

Many people keep cats and dogs, stay at home like raising children, chase, scream and worry about their pets eating and drinking all day, thus giving birth to the so-called “pet owner’s independence day”. On this day, owners must behave like pet owners, and pets must behave as they should.

Perhaps Linda was the first to carry out this activity. In  “Pet Owner’s Independence Day”, she chose to make herself a “homeowner”, instead of squatting and carrying a rag to work everywhere to clean, she let her three pet dogs take care of themselves. and let them clean the room.

Therefore, the dogs in front of Linda’s camera lens are considered as “eight immortal sea-crossing gods, each showing miracles”. That reluctant look and expression is really funny and hilarious.

Looking at the working dogs “holding” the cleaning rags and brushes with their paws, many people think in their hearts, maybe this whole life will not be clean. Their faces look so sad!

This dog cleaning the oven must have a hundred and eighty question marks in his heart, and he is probably wondering, I have to work hard, or else Director Linda will treat me like a sausage and bake it.

Of course, the dog’s owner Linda is by no means ‘evil’, in fact, after taking funny pictures of the dogs at work, she is ready to let the dogs vent. heavy responsibility to walk around the city.


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