The moment this Rottweiler starts singing like her baby sister

Loyal Rottweiler adorably copies everything her baby sister doesThey swim, they share, and they even started a band.

When Zara the Rottweiler’s human little sister was born, she was overjoyed.

Zara had a brand new playmate!

“She just knew Gia was the new member of the pack and she just knows how to protect her,” their mom Stacey told The Dodo. “They kind of just naturally grown up as siblings.”


Zara was always naturally curious about Gia but the two really became best friends when Gia started eating food and walking.

That’s because Gia always made sure to share some of her food with Zara.

She even shared some of her favorite toys with her favorite doggo. These two were pretty much inseparable from that point on.

“Zara was just naturally gentle. ‘Pup’ was Gia’s first word, so I think that says a lot. It just happened so naturally. They just want to be together all the time.”

It was only a matter of time before they started an awesome all-girl band.

Zara has always been a singer and howling around the house.

Gia was actually a little taken back when she first discovered Zara’s talents.

But Gia’s own talent blossomed when her parents bought her a stand-up microphone for Christmas.

And things just sort of took off from there.

“Every time Gia starts singing, well she’s not really singing, Zara just starts howling,” Stacey explained. “She can’t contain herself.”

Gia will start her babbling into the microphone which will promptly be followed by Zara’s howls. Sometimes Gia gets a little annoyed that Zara is copying her.

So, she’ll try to get Zara to pipe down by telling her, “Stop puppy.” That’s because Gia wants the microphone all to herself.

“I’m still trying to work out who’s the lead because at the moment they vie for that top spot,” Stacey said. “Zara loves the limelight and I think so does Gia.”

Singing is pretty much the only area Gia doesn’t always want to include Zara in.

Unless, of course, Zara is playing the role of an adoring fan.

But singing aside, Zara is free to copy whatever Gia does. And these two do everything together.

“The two of them are like two peas in a pod. She has fun. She sings with her. They throw ball, they swim. We go for afternoon walks,” Stacey explains.

Stacey says that it’s been a delight to watch these two grow so close.

“I’m excited to see how their relationship blossoms. How it chances and grows and evolves.”

And so is the internet! More than 1 million people have watched The Dodo’s video about this beautiful friendship.

“Gia and Zara: let us play you the song of our people,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

Many people were happy to see Zara give Rottweillers, who can be stereotyped as violent and aggressive dogs, a good name.

“May all the Rottweilers get the love and care Zara gets in this family instead of being so misunderstood,” said another commenter.

Check out these two cuties and their musical talents in the video below.

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