The resilient wanderer: Abandoned and dyed purple, the brave dog still fights for his life through the wilderness.

Incidents of cruelty to innocent animals happen to us every day, which fills us with righteous indignation. Some are used in the cruelest ways to please their owners, as if they were objects. These are things we will never understand!

The rescue team received the call and fortunately rushed to intervene immediately. They just don’t understand why someone would be so mean and leave him in the middle of nowhere.

The puppy’s fur was dyed purple and rescuers were really confused as to what might have happened.

The boy was having trouble breathing. He looked so sad and withdrawn that the men couldn’t help crying. The eyes of the puppy look scary. Is that why it was thrown out as trash? Is his owner unwilling to pay the veterinarian’s bills? or worse? Was he tortured? No one knows for sure.

He was immediately picked up and taken to the vet for a proper examination. He was treated for an eye infection, they fed him, bathed him and best of all he started to experience being stroked and kissed for the first time. And the dog’s pampering of this love also responds with infinite tenderness.

The veterinarian immediately came up with the leading theory of the pup’s troubles, leaving the rescuers speechless:

But with medical care and a healthy dose of love and dedication, the puppy will begin to feel better in no time. A small body of light began to reappear.

Colors make him sick, but with perseverance and love, his future looks bright.

Now that the puppy is safe and sound, rescuers won’t stop until they find out who left him so cruelly while trying to find him the perfect forever home.


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