The Sad Tale of a Neglected Dog Named “Touchable” Who Was Chained for Days Until He Reached His Breaking Point.


Reportedly, Duke was suffering from a highly contagious disease, which led people to keep their distance from him. He was tied up to an old and rundown trailer in a Bulgarian village, all by himself. Even though he was just 10 months old, the poor puppy had been left alone and neglected for several days. Day after day, Duke would huddle under the trailer, feeling downtrodden and hopeless. Fortunately, a kind-hearted local resident noticed the dog’s miserable situation and reached out to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue. This organization is based in Bulgaria and is dedicated to rescuing animals in danger. Upon arrival, Tony Rowles, one of the organization’s founders, was greeted with a distressing sight: a dog wrapped in his own waste and infested with flies.

Tony admits feeling very scared when he came across the strong smell of ammonia. The odor was so powerful that it rendered him immobile.

Duque and several other furry companions made the decision to stay at Tony’s house as the shelter was already filled with animals.

It so happens that the delightful personality of the dog was its only infectious trait. However, it maintained a cautious attitude towards male dogs during the initial weeks.

Tony shared that when he first approached the person, they appeared to be okay. However, as time went on, Tony observed that the individual displayed signs of anxiety in their gait and gestures while keeping a distance from him.


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