The touching moment when a pet dog hugs, kisses, cherishes and comforts a crying baby with a toy brings indescribable joy that makes millions of hearts flutter.

Dogs are what make a house feel like a home. They are important family members and there is no greater luck in life than being about to share your abode with a dog…or two! While dogs make great additions to families, sometimes there can be a little tricky adjustment period when bringing a new baby into the mix. There are so many strange new sights, sounds, and smells, so it’s only natural that some people might be a little hesitant when wondering how their pets are going to react to new babies.

But most pets are good with babies, and in fact, can become their first best friend. Even the biggest, toughest dogs can prove to be incredibly sensitive and loving towards children.

Like one dog, who offered a very sweet gift to his new human. The Bullmastiff is a happy-go-lucky dog that was first rescued by the couple in 2016. The couple always saw Brutus as their very first baby. When Brutus’ owner, Bonnie Michalek, found out she was expecting, she had no doubts in her mind that Brutus would adjust to the change.

But when Bonnie became pregnant with her actual first baby, Brutus knew it before anybody: Bonnie recalls that the dog suddenly became more protective of her in the early days of her pregnancy. Bonnie knows exactly how wonderful and affectionate Brutus is, so she had no doubts that he would take to the new baby right away.

When she brought baby Kayden home to meet Brutus for the first time, the dog lovingly went up and licked the newborn’s face.

“[We] both greeted Bullmastiff and got him settled before bringing baby in,” Elliott said. “We let him smell her worn clothes and told him ‘gentle’ … we brought Macie in, and he was naturally really inquisitive and gentle.”

“It was like he instantly accepted her, as he always wanted to be close” he added.It confirmed their suspicion Brutus would be more than okay with the new addition to the family: “He’s always loved kids,” Bonnie said. “Every time he’s heard kids outside laughing he gets excited.” Brutus and Kayden have been close buddies ever since, and the dog has been willing to do anything for the baby… including sharing his favorite possession.

But he’s willing to part with it if it will make his favorite little human feel better.

“Every time Kayden cries, Brutus finds his fluff ball and tries to bring it to [him],” Bonnie said. “So cute.”


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