These breathtaking photographs capture the untamed beauty of a waterbirth.


These breathtakiпg ρhοtοgraρhs caρture the uпtamed beauty οf a waterbirth.

Monet Nicole is a birth photographer in Colorado. She feels it is worthwhile to see and celebrate birth. Celebrating a child’s birth is a fantastic event, but capturing it on film elevates it to a whole new level. Photographer Monet Nicole of Denver captured these images of Maeve’s lovely waterbirth. Look out the -s power of this birth tale via these really gorgeous photographs.

Erin discovered me on Instagram” (I think). I saw her conversing with her wife, Jess, and it was clear that this family considered childbirth to be lovely and uplifting.

“She contacted me through email and informed me that Erin and Jess were expecting their second child and planned a homebirth in the summer… and they wanted me to be their birth photographer.”

“She reached out to me via email and told me the good news: Erin and Jess were expecting their second baby and were planning a homebirth over the summer…. and they wanted me to be their birth photographer.”

“We met a few weeks before to Maeve’s birthday. It was a chilly and wet May morning. Over coffee at Huckleberry, we conversed and laughed, and I felt as if these two remarkable people were old friends. It’s unusual to encounter individuals who connect with us on such a profound level, and more rarer to feel this connection from the start… I believe we were all affected that day.”

“At that moment, I knew that Maeve’s delivery would be an unique one. Erin seemed to be so firmly planted in her body and pregnancy. She was prepared to give birth to her daughter, Stu, t, and s.”

“There are many more nice things I could say about Erin and Jess or Maeve’s birthday. Yet, words would not suffice. In fact, the more I write, the more tears form in my eyes. This was one of the most tt, love-filled births I have ever watched.”

These photos remind me that birth represents LOVE, STRENGTH, and BEAUTY. Thank you, my friends, for allowing me to participate in this really important day.”

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