“Top 10 Strangest Creatures in the World: Aye-Aye Monkey Named Ugliest Animal on the Planet”


The pink tatu stands out with its characteristic pastel pink color on its back. Being a shy species, the tatu usually has little contact with humans.

Hun Aye-aye is a species of lemur native to the archipelago of Madagascar. With unusual bodies, these wise species were voted as one of the ugliest animals on the planet.

The mane wolf is the largest and tallest dog in South America, with a reddish-brown coat that looks like a fox. Their long legs are the result of adaptations to life in tall grasslands and large scrublands.

The musk deer possesses a pair of large vampire fangs that protrude outward. They are so named because they produce musk which is used in perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Musk deer possess large pair of vampire fangs that protrude outward. They are so named because they produce musk which is used in perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The dumbo octopus is known for its oddly shaped head, with fins protruding above its head resembling the ears of the flying elephant Dumbo in the Walt Disney animated film of the same name.

Like both a rabbit and a dog, the Patagonian guinea pig is a rodent endemic to Argentina.

The East African mole is hairless and shows almost no signs of aging. They live nine times longer than mice of similar size and rarely get cancer.

The dugongs are a species of marine mammal in the family Delphinidae, living along the coasts and estuaries in Southeast Asia.

The Gerenuk is a giraffe-like long-necked antelope. You can find them in arid thorn bushes in the deserts of East Africa.

Sea cows usually live in subtropical coastal areas. Like animals crawling on the ground, they use their lips to grab the seaweed on the bottom to eat.

This rather strange looking deer can be seen on the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Togian, Sula and Buru.

Lampreys are an order of fish including jawless, tubular and parasitic fish families. They are often parasitic on many types of fish in the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.

The Fossa civet is a species endemic to the island of Madagascar. It has the appearance of a mountain lion and also has cat-like features including retractable claws and fearsome teeth.

The star-nosed mole is a species of small mole found in the humid lowlands of eastern Canada and the United States.

Sunda flying weasels live mainly in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Zebras live mainly in Ivory Coast and a few West African countries. Its name speaks for itself: regular stripes on its short, smooth, golden coat.

Yeti Crab was discovered in 2005 in the North, Pacific Ocean. This animal lives at a depth of 2,200 m. They are hairy like bigfoot monsters or snowmen.

The teardrop fish is found in the deep sea off Australia, it looks like a “fluid mass” with a rather large head. This fish was once called the ugliest fish in the world.

The giant soft-shell turtle lives mainly in the Mekong River basin.


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