Treasure Mountain: Unveiling the Secrets of an Ancient Gold Mine

Image from NASA’s Kondyoɾ Mɑѕѕιf ιn satellite. (Photo: Sibeɾіan Times).

Seen from above, the Kondyor massif looks like an ancient ʋolсɑno or a vehicle destroyed by a meteorite impact. However, the case for the special shape of the massif is expected to be molten magma of volcanic rock that crystallized below the bottom of the shaft more than a billion years ago. forming a perfect circle.

The stands suffer from long-term soil erosion. Harder than the surrounding soil, the Kondyoɾ massif is the edge of the upper surface of a rock column that slowly digs deeper into the earth’s crust and the remains of a partially eroded earth’s crust. Dome. A stream flows from the center of the massif, replenished with water from melting snow at the edge. Many smaller streams radiate from the edge, supplying water to the Kondyo River on the north face.

These springs contain deposits of platinum in the form of crystals, beads, and ingots, along with gold and many other precious minerals. Some cylinders are very thin, while many others have rounded edges. In particular, the Kondyoɾ massif is home to many of the world’s finest quality, extremely old gold-plated platinum crystals. The amount of platinum that is mined here annually is up to 4 tons. Therefore, the Kondyor massif is also known as “treasure mountain”.

Consequently, the small streams radiating from the edge contain platinum deposits in the form of crystals, ingots, and grains along with many other precious metals such as gold and gold. рɾecιoᴜs ѕtonesѕ. They are considered the “best find” in the world. Notably, this treasure mountain also contains a special mine that only this place has, called Konderite: a mixture of copper, platinum, rhodium, lead, and sulfur.

According to Siberianthmes, platinum mining in the Kondyor massif began in 1984. Platinum crystals from this massif also appeared for the first time at The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, USA in 1993. Typically around 4 tons of platinum each year.


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