Treasures of antiquity: places and mysteries that still fascinate the world!

 1) Marble thrones

Carved marble thrones, also known as prohedria, at the ancient Theater of Oropos (at the present-day archaeological site of Amphiareion), in Attica, Greece. Such seats were reserved for honored guests only and, once discovered, were arranged around the orchestra area. The other regulars, in turn, accommodated themselves in wooden bleachers with stone supports. Built around the 2nd century BC, the Theater had capacity for 300 spectators and had a stage (with a 12 m wide structure) that is still well preserved, thus offering very important details about Doric architecture, such as the marble thrones featured photo.

2) Flowers for a little girl

Skull of a girl buried in the Hellenistic period, between 300 and 400 BC The wreath of myrtle flowers, made of ceramic, stands out. It has survived the action of time with its original colors practically intact. Archaeological evidence demonstrates the zeal with which families of the period treated their dead, even among the lowest castes of society. Currently, the skull of the girl crowned with flowers is on display at the Archaeological Museum in Patras, Greece.

3) Queen Eurydice’s Throne

The unrivaled throne of Queen Eurydice I of Macedon, paternal grandmother of Alexander the Great, found in a double-chambered Macedonian tomb at Aigai. The piece, dating from 340 BC, is carved in marble with engraved decorations in gold, which narrate the myth of Pluto and Persephone, in addition to containing flowers, animals and “korai” (typology of female sculptures that date back to the period of Archaic Greece). . Eurydice was the wife of King Amyntas III and the mother of four children, including King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Historical evidence indicates that she played a very important role in the politics of the period, being considered the first known woman to exercise power in the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. Currently, her throne is found at the archaeological site of Aigai, in Vergina, Greece.

4) Celsus Library

Ruins of the Library of Celsus, built around 135 AD in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus (Turkey) in honor of the Roman senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemeanus. The building was practically destroyed by an earthquake that occurred in 262, but the stones of its facade remained almost intact, which allowed its reconstruction between the 1960s and 1970s.

5) jewelry

Earrings in solid gold, decorated with Lapis Lazuli, from Ancient Greece, made around 400-300 BC Currently in the collection of Apollo Galleries, an auction house based in London.

6) Petra, World Heritage Site

The magnificence of Petra, citadel established in the current territory of Jordan. Also known as the “pink city”, due to the color of the mineral in which it was carved, Petra was entirely carved out of rock. Possibly founded in the year 312 BC by the Nabataeans, an ancient people of Semitic origin (although the region had already been occupied since 1200 BC by the Edomite tribe), the architectural complex was an important route for Arab caravans. However, the stone city remained almost unknown to the western world, until its ruins were rediscovered in 1812 by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. Currently, Petra is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

7) 2 millennium mosaics

Floor of Greek mosaics, approximately 2,200 years old, found in the city of Zeugma, an ancient Greek province in Turkey, near the Syrian border. The pavement belonged to an ancient dwelling, built on the bank of the king’s Euphrates. With the lowering of the ground over the ages, the mosaics can currently only be appreciated when the waters of the river are at low tide. The discovery of the work of notorious beauty was of great relevance for the study of Greco-Roman art. The representations are in such a state of preservation that they hardly appear to have more than 2 millennia of history.

8) Scenes from the city of Zeugma

2,200-year-old Greek mosaic found by an international team of archaeologists in the area of ​​the city of Zeugma, an ancient Greek province in Turkey, close to the Syrian border. The discovery of the work of notorious beauty was of great relevance for the study of Greco-Roman art. The representations are in such a state of preservation that they hardly appear to have more than 2 millennia of history. According to Professor Kutalmış Görkay, who leads the team of archaeologists behind the find, the colorful mosaics were an integral part of the houses in the ancient city.

9) World’s oldest face cream

World’s oldest face lotion/cream (already discovered), containing the fingerprints of the last person to use it around 2000 years ago, when Rome was the greatest civilization in the known world. The object was found in the excavations of the Temple Complex dedicated to Mars and its contents, considering its age, are still in an impressive state of conservation. According to laboratory analysis, the formula was composed of animal fat from sheep, starch (which was possibly isolated by boiling the grains and roots in water), in addition to tin dioxide mineral, also known as cassiterite, whose formula is SnO2.

10) Children’s shoes

Pair of children’s shoes, dating back to the period of the Old Roman Empire, found in Palmyra, Syria.


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