“Unveiling the Unusual: Meet the Rare Hairless Pug Defying Expectations”

We did a dog DNA test on him and we got 87.5 percent pug and 13 percent terrier or other, so there’s no answer there,” owner Micah Williams said.

If you have never seen a hairless pug, today is your chance. Dorothy definitely does not go unnoticed when she goes for a walk. And it is that not every day you can see a dog of the breed completely stripped of it, but that is the only thing that makes the difference with a common one.

“My favorite thing in the world is people seeing her and reacting to her,” Micah Williams, Dorothy’s owner, told The Dodo . “It’s either pure horror or instant adoration,” he added.

Although it may seem incredible, Dorothy does not have any disease on her skin. She was just born like that, bald. And her family doesn’t care at all.

According to Williams, Dorothy is a pug mix with some other hairless breed, but they have not been able to determine it. “We did a dog DNA test on him and we got 87.5 percent pug and 13 percent terrier or other, so there’s no answer there,” Williams explained.

Dorothy’s family is happy with her and Williams says that her strange fur doesn’t matter at all. When it’s cold, they simply keep her warm with innovative vests that don’t go unnoticed either. Just like her.

“When I got it we lived in Phoenix so we didn’t have to worry too much about clothes. However, we moved to Chicago about eight years ago, so she [she] needs a lot of sweaters, dog onesies, and puffy coats in the winter ,” Williams confessed.

Another of Dorothy’s traits is that she always looks as if she’s angry, although Williams admits that she’s not upset, it’s just her expression. Also, she says that she loves dog treats and feeling loved.

“Despite the look on her face, she is the sweetest bitch ever. She loves to snort, snuggle, eat and sleep, she apparently has the whole pug personality!” Williams concluded.


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