Unwavering Love: Pit Bull Overcomes Bee Attack and Abandonment 


Stinger, a 10-month-old pit bull mix who is deaf, has finally received the medical attention he needed after being stung by numerous ground bees on September 5. Luvnpupz, a rescue in Michigan, is taking care of Stinger and has reported that he is starting to feel better after suffering from pain for several weeks. He now wants to play and even attempts to chew on his leash while his butt wags. The organization is also raising funds to help pay for Stinger’s medical expenses. Apparently, the dog was stung by thousands of ground bees after rolling around in an unfortunate spot, which caused an allergic reaction. His owner eventually abandoned him at a veterinarian’s office.

LuvnpupzThe veterinarian made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner of the puppy. Eventually, Shipaila was contacted, and the puppy was picked up on September 19th.

After picking up Stinger, Shipaila took him to the vet where she learned that he was abnormally undernourished and had contracted sarcoptic mange, a contagious skin disease commonly referred to as scabies. This kind of mite infestation causes dogs to lose their hair, which was why Stinger’s previous vet had shaved his hair to treat his wounds.

Luvnpupz, a dog rescue organization, shared with HuffPost that Shipaila expressed her lack of knowledge about Stinger’s appearance due to his lack of fur. Despite the dog’s condition, Shipaila commended Stinger for his resilience and gentle demeanor throughout his ordeal. Even when experiencing pain, all he wanted was to rest his head on Shipaila’s lap and shower her with affection.

Luvnpupz, an animal rescue organization, is currently taking care of Stinger, a deaf dog who is still recovering at Shipaila’s veterinary clinic. However, Stinger’s medical bills are quite high, and the rescue group is struggling to cover them. Additionally, Stinger requires special training in sign language to be able to find a permanent home. If you want to contribute to the cause, please visit Luvnpupz’s website and click on the donation button to make a difference.


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