Lucky to save the poor chubby puppy stuck in the wheel and don’t know how to get out –

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Animals are always full of curiosity so you might find them in the weirdest of places such as this puppy with its head stuck in a sport rim.

In a viral video shared by kerol505 on TikTok, we see a chunky puppy trying to free itself from a car sport rim but to no avail.

We can hear a man saying “Do you have no work? You put your head in there and now you’re stuck. What do we do now?”

The puppy was seen struggling before the video ended.

Source: Kerol505 l TikTok

In a follow-up video, a man comes to free the puppy from the sport rim. The man who spoke in the previous video was noticeably melted by how cute the puppy looked when its face was exposed.

“Let’s see its face a little. It’s soo adorable!”

The puppy also managed to get some pats from the crowd.

Source: Kerol505 l TikTok

The following videos on the account are all focused on the puppy and it seems that the TikTok user is completely enamoured by the little creature.

They also mentioned that they will be bringing some food for the puppy the following day.


Source: Kerol505 l TikTok

Many netizens were relieved that the puppy is saved from the sport rim.

Source: TikTok

One netizen said: “I thought only orange cats are naughty but orange dogs are the same as well.”

Source: TikTok

Another noted that the puppy was wagging its tail as it is very happy to be released.

Source: TikTok

Source: TikTok

One certain netizen asked for the location of the puppy as they wanted to adopt him but generally, most of them thought the chunky puppy was very, very adorable.

Well, we believe the puppy has learnt its lesson now to never put his head in sport rims. We hope that it will also be able to find a furever home where it will be showered with love.


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