The Unique Friendship Of This Bear, Lion, Tiger That Were Rescued Together As Cubs And Stayed Best Friends For Over 15 Years

It’s no secret that competition and predation are prevalent among animals. However, this doesn’t mean that genuine friendship cannot exist among them. In fact, as strange and surprising as it may seem, even animals of different species can be best buddies. From cats and dogs, dogs and rats, and even birds and cats, we’ve witnessed how these creatures defied stereotypes and lived in harmony with each other. However, the unique friendship of this bear, lion, and tiger that were rescued together as cubs might just top them all.

Meet Baloo the American Black Bear, Leo the African Lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger. Popularly known online as BLT (bear, lion, tiger), the trio had been the best of friends for over 15 years. Indeed, the furry friends had spent most of their lives together through thick and thin. Police officers discovered them during a drug raid in the basement of an Atlanta home back in 2001. At the time, the cubs were only a few months old, yet they were already subjected to mistreatment.

Rescued together as cubs, this bear, lion, and tiger had spent most of their lives together for over 15 years

Shere Khan suffered from malnourishment. Leo was confined in a small crate which resulted in an open and infected wound on his nose.

Meanwhile, Baloo was in the worst condition, with a tight harness that had begun growing into his flesh. So, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources turned them over to the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary for immediate treatment and proper care.

Unfortunately, Baloo had to undergo surgery for the removal of his harness and treatment of his wounds. So, he had to be separated from his brothers for a while. Soon enough, the three were on their respective ways to recovery, and they had been inseparable ever since Baloo returned.

Aside from immediate treatment and a healthy diet, it was the company of each other and the unconditional love of the sanctuary’s staff that made their recovery successful.

And for over 15 years, they had lived harmoniously with each other, with hardly a quarrel among them. Sadly, Leo crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016 due to inoperable tumors in his liver.

Meanwhile, Shere Khan joined Leo in 2018 after suffering from a critical condition. The two are survived by their brother Baloo who recently celebrated his 20th birthday last June.

After being rescued, the furry trio enjoyed a full life ahead of them


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